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Gnome Family Snowie Nisse

Snowie Nisse - Gnome

SKU: MP008

The Christmas Nisse or Gnome is a mythological little creature with great magical powers! They live in our homes year round and are very much little tricksters. When you can’t find your keys or glasses… guess what? It’s the Nisse that is playing tricks on you. In order to keep the House Nisse happy you have to feed him one special night of the year, Little Christmas Eve, December 23rd.


This is done by serving Risengrod (rice milk porridge) with cinnamon, sugar & butter as well as a glass of sweet beer. All served in his favorite hangout place - the attic! If this is not done the right way...good luck finding anything in your home for the whole next year!


Have fun making your own Snowie Nisse - Gnome!

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