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Mama Lohde has everything you need to get your creative juices flowing.

We stock the highest quality supplies, and conveniently deliver them right to your door.

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About Us
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ABOUT Mama Lohde

Our Story

Mama Lohde's love for stitching started as a five year old little girl sitting on the floor of her mom’s sewing room hand sewing a dress for her doll while her mom made a summer dress for her. Stitching and making things by hand quickly became a source of joy and relaxation. Soon she was creating and making a large part of her own clothes, and even started to sell knitwear in college. She always dreamed about going to designer school but ended up becoming a Nurse and later on a Realtor - but always sewing, knitting, stitching, and doing arts on the side every day.


Mama Lohde has sewn, knitted, embroidered and stitched her entire life. When COVID-19 hit us all and forced us to stay at home in 2020, she finally had the time and peace to establish her own first design on wool and our company Mama Lohde was born.


It feels so good, and as always stitching makes us  happy!

We hope the same for you as well.

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